Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Test Pages

Starting to put my name out on a few small projects and they usually start with a test page so here's a few examples. Sometimes they don't work out but practice is the name of the game.

linework by Cody Schibi

linework by Alex Diotto

not sure of the artist here, I'll edit it later

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Want A Custom Munny?

Available for commissions. Any Character you want!
I'll be at the Toronto Fan Expo for anyone wanting to order one in advance.
Hit me up at: adamgmetcalfe@gmail.com

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tiger Lawyer

Currently working on a grrrrrrrreeeeeat book, written by the dashing Ryan Ferrier with artwork by one man army Matt McCray and my partner in crime on the book, Vic Malhotra
I was fortunate enough to tag along on the first book, doing some greyscales to punch up the crime noir feel.
Page comparison
And a page after Ryan applies zee words, captions and SFX

Lucky enough this springboarded into coming on as the colorist for the second book, so I feel extremely fortunate. Here's a promo with lines by Vic and colours by myself, an homage to Hell Yeah(Image comics) which will feature one page of Tiger Lawyer starting with issue four(came out in June!)
Here's a sneak peak from Tiger Lawyer #2, available now!
and a print I'll have at Fan Expo

Hamburger Face

An unmasked Deadpool revealing his beautiful hamburger face. I love me some textures. Owed this one to a bud by the name of Anthony Haley. Check out his blog!


Babe Munny

Long overdue birthday gift for the girlfriend. I now live alone...kidding.
She's a big fan of the Fables series so here's the adorable, Babe the Blue Ox.

Babe and some body shots, tail was custom made

Video Game Munnies

Jumping into the video game world for the next ones.
Zero from the MegaMan series and a Protoss Zealot from Starcraft. His dreads were definitely a challenge but it worked out in the end.

Zero with a back view
Zealot with a back view

Wonder Woman and Batman

Continuing the commissions brings me to my favourite munny I've done, Wonder Woman.
Those tiny stars were a pain in the ass but worth it and her golden lasso was made from gimp aka scoubidou

Wonder Woman and a back view
Brooding Batman

Booster Gold and Blue Beetle

Another awesome commission from way too long ago.
Presenting the greatest bromance in comic history, Booster Gold and Blue Beetle!
You can decide if Beetle has a gun for personal use or a blow dryer to keep Booster's hair looking perfect.

Kirby Krackle Munnies

I've never done "real" munnies before so this was a bit tricky to try and capture their likenesses in a cartoony sort of way. Also Kyle's checkered shirt was my favourite thing ever.

This dynamic duo forms Kirby Krackle!
Make sure to check out their page and music

Jim on the left and Kyle on the right

Munny Series 4

More commissions from last year. Had way too much fun with these, especially Deadpool and Batgirl. The Hal Jordan was a cool gift for someone which segues into my next post.

Classic Hal Jordan Green Lantern
Black Canary
Deadpool with a front and back view
Barbara Gordon Batgirl and turnaround