Monday, January 25, 2010

Horse Skull

another study, renderedddd

old school inks

lines by some european artists whose names I can't remember


working my way into a comfortable zone with photoshop, so tough. Just did the colours on these.

Linework by Lara West
Lines by Derek Fridolfs


some comic page practice and animal character posing

Munny Series 3

and the most recent ones

Wolverine from the X-Men
Snake Eyes from G.I. Joe

Cyclops from the X-Men

Munny Series 2

more recent attempts, improved on the sculpting and paint jobs
Robin of Batman fame

Silver Surfer
Galactus of eater of worlds fame

Battlestar Galactica Pilot

Inks 2

lines by Zach Howard
lines by Mike Deodato Jr.

lines by Carlos Gomez

lines by Chris Bacchalo


dabbling in some brush work, tech pen and quill

lines by Moebius aka Jean Giraud
Lines by John Buscema
lines by Terry Dodson
lines by Ramon Perez
lines by Randy Green

Toy Series 1 continued

Toy Munny Series 1

first attempt at some toy sculpting
The Batman of animated fame

Lil Life Drawing

D'Life Drawing

Mo' Life Drawing