Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tiger Lawyer

Currently working on a grrrrrrrreeeeeat book, written by the dashing Ryan Ferrier with artwork by one man army Matt McCray and my partner in crime on the book, Vic Malhotra
I was fortunate enough to tag along on the first book, doing some greyscales to punch up the crime noir feel.
Page comparison
And a page after Ryan applies zee words, captions and SFX

Lucky enough this springboarded into coming on as the colorist for the second book, so I feel extremely fortunate. Here's a promo with lines by Vic and colours by myself, an homage to Hell Yeah(Image comics) which will feature one page of Tiger Lawyer starting with issue four(came out in June!)
Here's a sneak peak from Tiger Lawyer #2, available now!
and a print I'll have at Fan Expo


  1. Love the concept! I think maybe it's colored a bit dark.

  2. Thanks Don, yeah the colours are a bit too dark. New monitor that I didn't calibrate(dangit)